Our reporting division allows you the opportunity to report tenants that left owing money directly to their credit
report.  That unpaid debt will have an impact on their credit report and credit rating.  This will help you get paid
in the future if the person want to reestablish their credit or purchase a home of their own.  Also, it helps warn
other landlords/property managers of the non-payment status of the debt owed to you.

Legal Compliance requires Registration for Service.  Personal investigative reports are regulated by various privacy
and fair credit laws.  Click here for


Two motivations make PEOPLE PAY their BILLS :

  • Fear of a bad credit record, or
  • Because there has been a Judgment by a court

If a person does not care about their credit record, only a court can force them to pay. And if it does go to court
attorneys will retain much of it. Fortunately though, most people do care about their credit and, when warned, they do
pay their bills.

Collection agencies don't want the debt to go to court. If it does, the biggest winners are the lawyers. That is why it is
comparatively rare for a collection account to take a debtor  to court, especially if there is not a huge amount of money
at stake. You need lawyers for Superior Court, and you need two separate court decisions to actually collect.

AMSties believes that most collection agencies miss the best opportunity to collect – and that is before it is posted as a
bad debt . . . If you give the debtor a chance to settle up before he is posted the creditors stand a better chance of
collecting, and collecting faster.

Collection agencies immediately post any account that they acquire as a bad debt and then they attempt to muscle the
debtor. The collection mark stains the consumers credit report for seven years -- even after it is paid.

Most people do care about their credit. AMSties strategy is that If the consumer is made aware of how they can avoid
serious damage to their record, there is a compelling motivation for them to settle the debt.

Our inexpensive "letter series" does just that. The credit bureau tells the debtor that they have five business days to
call and "settle with you" and avoid the collections mark in their credit file. It informs them how such a mark does
serious damage to their credit record.

If they care, and most people do, they react right away. The letter series is extremely innovative and effective.

This is why it is effective -- Here is a letter from a credit reporting agency giving the consumer a second chance to
keep a damaging collection record off of his credit file. It gives a clear advantage to both parties. The motivation is high
to settle quickly if possible.
Letter Series
This two letter series designed for tenants that are occupying the property and have fallen behind in their rent payments.  The
letter series is designed to inform an existing tenant of your relationship with AMSties - a credit reporting agency.  The
importance of a positive rental payment history is explained and the tenant is strongly encouraged to pay the rent.
Posting Package:
Pre- Posting Letter
(This letter warns them that they have 3 weeks to pay or the debt will be posted to their credit report)
Posting Letter (3 weeks after 1st letter if no effort is made to pay.  This letter is sent to notify them that the debt will be
posted onto the credit report.)
Reporting Bad Debts
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