Company Mission

Provide effective and usable Information Services to the Real Estate
and Small Business Community.  Provide information in an easy to
read and understand format so that utilization of information services
improves their credit granting decisions and thereby their profit
margins.  Provide courteous, personal customer service consistently.
Our Commitment
Our Commitment:

We have been providing our services for over 20 years and we know that the personal
service we provide is very important to our customers - many of whom have been with us
since the beginning.  Even as we grow and expand our services we will not forget the
personal and friendly services that our customers have come to expect.
AMSTies Service Pledge:

Service is our #1 product:

Real people answer phones at AMSties.
We answer by the second ring 90% of the time at AMSties.
Your time is valuable at AMSties. No one is left sitting on hold.

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Service Pledge
"Credit reports reveal whether a person honors agreements; that's everything." TIES

"Criminal checks are like an insurance policy, landlords are being held liable for placing violent
felons as tenants." -
Friends in Deed Management

"AMSties is invaluable to our business " Rentals Only Rentals Inc.

"I thought I was a good judge of character until we joined AMSties." Affordable Elegance

"Reports can be complicated, having AMSties available for  interpretation is like having our
own credit division. . . without the overhead." -
Van Whit Associates

"Your operators are always courteous and friendly" Gloria Nilson

"We have recommended your services to a number of associates"  Finnegan Management

"An applicant's history is sure to be his future" - Barman and Cooper PA

"Public records such as judgments liens or bankruptcies tell a story about the person you are
about to do business with."
Whitley Property Management
AMSties,  INC
Company Mission