AMSties Service Pledge:

Service is our #1 product :

Real people answer phones at AMSties.
We answer by the second ring 90% of the time at AMSties.
Your time is valuable at AMSties  No one is left sitting on hold.

Because of the various laws that protect confidential and personal information, AMSties does business
by registration only. But that is a good thing, because registration entitles you to numerous privileges:
Excellent Value  *   Instant Access  *   No Overhead!

Being a member of AMSties is like having your own credit/intelligence division without the overhead. Our
staff consists of trained and experienced credit experts with three objectives:

  • Interpretation - Advise you of the type report you need to best understand your applicant; then make
    sure that you understand what those reports mean.
  • Compliance - To make sure that you comply with the law. Serious penalties come with any violation
    of fair credit or privacy laws. We keep necessary records for you according to the law.
  • Service - To be the best at what we do, providing good value so you refer others to AMSties.

Except for raw credit reports, All database inquiries include complete customer support. We encourage
you to call us to ask any questions you might have about our services.

Dial 800 662 8437 to speak to a credit expert!
AMSties, Inc