Credit reports are subject to the rules and regulations of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act of
1978 and all its subsequent legislative revisions, the Federal Privacy Act and various State laws.
Access to credit reports require registration and compliance guarantees from the applicant.
Registration is mandatory.


It is important that you positively identify the applicant. Request proof of identity with a signature.


Have applicant give the following information to you and have them consent to the credit search.
We provide a Disclosure and Release form that you can have them sign. Fax or mail to our office.
Our 800 fax number is 1-800-522-8437, 24 HOURS and dedicated. If you must mail the request our
address is P.O. Box 271  Beachwood NJ 08722.

Your request should have the following information:

  • The full name, including middle initial and generation (I.E., Jr., Sr. I, II, III).
  • Social Security Number.
  • Current address. If not at the address for 2 years include a former address- both with ZIP
  • Age of applicant & employer (neither required)
  • All applicants are run separately.


Review the information to make sure that it is accurate, complete and legible BEFORE calling or
faxing. This ensures that the information that you receive is accurate and complete.


Use the FASTFAX order form to list:
  • Your code number
  • Your name
  • The account name if different from your name
  • What the report is being used for: rental, employment, purchase, etc.
  • A phone number with area code where you can be reached during business hours
  • Whether report is to be mailed or faxed to – provide fax number with area code


Your report will be processed in about an hour. The results will be faxed back to you OR you will
be called with the results and then the hard copy is mailed.


If not credit card debited, Invoicing for services is within 30 days.


If you indicate a fax return and do not receive a reply within two hours, it may mean that we did not
receive your request. Call to confirm, or with any Questions 800 662-8437 , THANKS !!!!!
Instructions for
ordering reports.
AMSties, Inc