Periodically we are required by the Credit Bureaus to have our client's accounts updated.  
We will begin notifying all customers via phone to let them know if an update is required for
the account.  There are some documents that would need to be completed and returned to
our office to keep your account with us active and allow you to continue to have access to
our information services.

There is a re-activation fee of $25.00, when an account has not been used for 2 years. There
have been some changes to the services. Please read through the information provided.

Real Estate Professional CD of Forms - OVER 41 helpful contracts/leases/applications to
screen tenants and manage real estate/rental properties

Website Rental Listing: Advertise your available rental property - Under "Rentals Available".

For instructions on updating your account, please click on your type of account below:

Independent Landlord Account                                   Business Account
AMSties, Inc