There is little doubt as to the value of credit worthiness. A bad score means high
rates and denials for car or mortgage financing or even an apartment. The good life
depends on a good credit score.

Your credit file reveals the manner in which you honor your business agreements
and that says everything to an employer, merchant or landlord who put their property
in your hands.

The consumer who cares about their credit record should:
  • Monitor their credit records periodically
  • Monitor all three major credit bureaus                        
  • Correct any errors in writing
  • Take advantage of fair credit and privacy legislation

Accomplish these goals with the "Information Plus Guidebook"

A twenty-two page consumer information guide that tells you all you need to know
about credit reports.  The "Information Plus Guidebook" shows you how to correct
any errors on your reports with all three major credit bureaus.  How to review your
credit yearly, in most cases, without charge.  How to insert a statement in your credit
file.  How to use the law in your favor.  Phone numbers to the bureaus, Non-profit
credit counseling agencies and more. Please contact our office if you are interested
in obtaining a copy of this useful booklet. (800) 662-8437

Your credit record is too important to be left in anyone else's hands but your own.
Taking care of it is easy if you know how. While we do not provide personal credit
reports, you are entitled to one free credit report a year from each of the three credit

Transunion:  800-888-4213
Experian:      888-397-3742
Equifax:        800-685-1111
AMSties,  INC
Your Personal Credit