Updated 6/09

***Discounts available

Charge shown is for accessing the database for one surname regardless of the size of the file. Except for raw reports,
prices includes full consulting/interpretation services. Educational institutions and government sometimes charge
nominal fees of $5 to $15.

*Add Institution fees.

Published prices are subject to change.

EZ Read Narrative Summary"

The EZ Read Narrative Summary provides a narrative explanation of the data presented on the credit report and turns it
into information that you can use to make an effective decision.  We decode the symbols, abbreviations, and "scores,"
presenting the report to you in a plain English narrative summary.

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Credit Report with Easy Read Narrative Summary and Score ***
Credit Report with Easy Read Narrative Summary ***
Raw Credit Report with Score
Raw Credit Report
Landlord Tenant Records - Click here to learn more.
  • Tenancy Records only (The Registry Check)
  • New Jersey Landlord/Tenant Records

State Criminal Records
By state
County Criminal Records (Court Fees May Apply)
$16 - $25
State Motor Vehicle Record
By State
Employment Verification
Education Verification
Degree or graduation confirmation*
Business Reports Experian or Equifax
Confirmation of License or Certification*
Letter Series
This two letter series designed for tenants that are occupying the property and have fallen behind in their rent payments.  The
letter series is designed to inform an existing tenant of your relationship with AMSties - a credit reporting agency.  The
importance of a positive rental payment history is explained and the tenant is strongly encouraged to pay the rent.
Posting Package:
Pre- Posting Letter
(This letter warns them that they have 3 weeks to pay or the debt will be posted to their credit report)
Posting Letter (3 weeks after 1st letter if no effort is made to pay.  This letter is sent to notify them that the debt will be
posted onto the credit report.)
Additional Copies by mail or fax, additional call to fax
Re-access stored information